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LUCA TURIN is a perfume critic, biophysicist, popular lecturer, and author of several books on science, perfume, and culture, including the original Parfums : le guide (in French); The Secret of Scent (Faber & Faber; Ecco); Perfumes: The A–Z Guide and The Little Book of Perfumes with Tania Sanchez (Viking/Penguin; Profile); and Folio Columns: 2003–2014, which collects, in the original English, his monthly columns and features for Swiss magazine NZZ Folio, where he remains a regular contributor. He has been awarded both the Prix Jasmin (France) and the Jasmine Prize (UK) for perfume writing. He currently conducts research in olfaction, anesthesia, and brain disorders. Though he has Italian citizenship, he was born in Beirut and has lived in France, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, the US, Germany, and Greece.


TANIA SANCHEZ is a writer with an interest in perfume, aesthetics, and culture. She is the co-author with Luca Turin of Perfumes: The A–Z Guide and The Little Book of Perfumes. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including Fashion, Marie Claire, Allure, and Psychologies, for which she was awarded a Jasmine Prize (UK). 

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