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Romanza (Masque) **** green narcissus

There was a time in the 1970s when feminines, perhaps directed by the Devas to redress the cosmic balance upset by frayed bell bottoms and scuffed white patent leather boots, reached a pinnacle of chic never scaled since. A series of green florals—Chamade, Givenchy III, Lauder’s Alliage, and the first Scherrer—held high the banner of the warrior queen. Smelling them today is an interesting experience. The feminine coinage has been so debased (I hold André Courrèges responsible for starting the rot) towards the trashy, mawkish, and meretricious, that the green floral now feels like an extinct species of uncertain gender. More kudos then to Masque for reviving it with this superb Cristiano Canali composition which relies heavily and expensively on the legendary wild narcissus absolute from the Auvergne region of France. The start is pure luxury, and the rich floral-animalic drydown goes on forever.. LT

sample kindly provided by Masque Milano

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