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Lissom Linden (Prosody) *** linden rose

To a cornucopian nerd like myself, Prosody’s shtick sounds silly: “We source the finest natural ingredients (non-GMO) from around the world, from producers that are ethical and sustainable.” Non-GMOs? Can someone please put CRISPR and gamma rays to work and produce a thirty-foot tall perennial gardenia with flowers the size of an orange, which will shut these people up? As for ethical, recall that every fragrance firm has a gas-chromatograph mass-spectrometry machine in the quality control department and takes samples from the bottom of the drum to avoid getting screwed by ethical producers, so my hopes are high. Nevertheless, in the name of all that is holy about fragrance, I shall try to be fair. Making organic fragrances is hard, and these guys are very good at it. Lissom Linden—love the name—is indeed a solid and surprisingly durable accord between linden, which I always imagine to be the fragrance worn by Botticelli’s mysteriously English-looking girls, and an unobtrusive, fresh green rose. The combination smells lovely, though I prefer it in the air than on a person. LT

Sample provided by Prosody

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